Have you ever been sound asleep and found your heart beating through your chest as a nightmare terrorizes you and your sleep? I get it too. We all do. Only my nightmares don’t involve frankenstein or any werewolves. My worst nightmares are dropping my camera in the water or having all my data erased off my memory card… Gasp! All of us photographers have been there before. Priceless moments we fear to miss out on or losing irreplaceable files is something we photographers always deal with. In the beginning of my career, there were times when I almost missed moments or left gear that we forgot to pack up. Honestly, because these fears are a real life possibility, the fear of them returning is much more then the fear of being chased down the street by brain-hungry zombies! Now I recommend everyone to sit around the campfire as I tell you my photography NIGHTMARES!

(Prepared is having double what’s required)

#1 Losing Data

     This is the single worst fear I have… Aside from spiders. When I am working on an amazing project or a wedding where I truly put my heart in my work, I already have a panic attack that I might lose this data. I swear it makes me dizzy thinking about it. What I quickly learned when I started out as a photographer is that making a backup is extremely important. Always when shooting a project or wedding I bring my hard drive with me and make a backup as soon as I’m done shooting. I’m a true believer in being safe with two back-ups than being insane with no back-ups. To set your mind to ease, it’s always possible to restore some data back with recovery software. But, it will not find files all of the files back on your cards or drives so make sure to always make a back up.

(Shattered Lens= Shattered Dreams)

#2 BROKEN GLASS              

     I once dropped my lens on accident while it was laying on my bed. I know, long story, my sweet husband dived to catch it. But when I heard the glass hit the floor, I thought I would pass out. Thankfully, canon lenses are very durable so I consider myself very lucky that particular time. It was a good reminder to get insurance on all of my equipment just in case the worst. Having insurance for your equipment is so important to protect yourself from theft and damage. Something I would strongly recommend if you have top-tier equipment.

(Happens in every horror movie, am I right?)


     We’ve all experienced photographing an important moment and then it happens… the battery dies. ARGH!! REALLY?!! I always make sure to have extra batteries charged and an extra charger. Even though you might think you have enough, you never know! I promise I have seen full batteries go empty after two clicks! It’s also very important to keep checking the durability of your batteries.
Also, if your working in a cold area, make sure you keep your batteries in a warm place. The cold tempatures can really deplete the overall life of your batteries.

(Being forgetful is aggrevating… Judging by the camera in his hand, all he forgot was a shirt)

#4 Where is my..?

     At your busiest moments, it can happen that when your shooting on set you look for a specific cable or card… you start to digg in your bag and you realize, oh no. I forgot to pack it up. You picture your tether cable laying on your couch back home, worthlessly. There comes my fear. The best defense for this is to use a checklist. This is very helpful because sometimes I have very little time to do this myself and someone else can pack my bag just as efficiently as I would. Isn’t that neat?

(I refuse to show a spider so here is that creepy doll again)

#5 Spiders

     My ultimate fear. The worst of the worst. Don’t ask me to touch one. Don’t ask me to look at one. I won’t even post a picture of one because the terror is that real.

     There you have it the worst of the worst. The nightmares that keep me up at night squeezing my pillow tight. Feel free to leave your worst Halloween nightmares below and I hope everyone has a spooky and safe night!