“I didn’t know what to wear, so I brought a few different outfits!” It’s something I hear from clients often. I get it, you want to look good if you’re going through the trouble of booking a session with a photographer. And by the time you know if you do look good in the photos, it’s too late to change into something else! Let’s be honest here. Everyone has looked at a photograph of themselves and thought “What was I wearing in this picture??”
     Usually, for us women, we are more worried about hair or make-up. In reality, what you decide to wear has much more influence on how you end up looking than hair or make-up. You could take a photograph of yourself in the same pose, each time changing only the color of your shirt. You would find drastic differences in how you view your skin complexion, body shape, as well as how each color compliments your appearance. 
     That’s why I have decided to sit down and make a list of do’s and don’ts for your next photo shoot.
Wear clothes that show who YOU are and make you feel confident. If you feel comfortable in your clothes, it will show your personality. If you don’t feel comfy in a skirt or dress then don’t wear it! Stay true to yourself. This sounds simple but it is so important! The same advice is true for colors. The best colors that match with everybody are neutral colors. Also, grey and cream colors usually make you look better than black or white as this can come across as very harsh.    
Bring Choices
I may not be a stylist, but I have done enough photoshoots to have a good feeling of what matches and what is trending now. So if you’ve never done a photoshoot before and you have no idea what to wear, bring several outfits and let the photographer or stylist help you pick. They can offer advice as well.  It’s also a good habit to bring a spare set of clothes in case you have an untimely spill or other accidents.
Prepare Yourself
How many times has it happened that you look at your photos and say “I looked pretty tired here or I look so pale.” Especially as parents, it may feel as though parenthood has taken ten years off your life. For starters, it’s good to drink enough water to make your skin glow and make you look fresh. Get enough sleep before the shoot so you look rested and get yourself a manicure /pedicure this makes you feel better in your skin and it shows on the photos. This also counts for the men amongst us, get enough sleep, remove excessive facial hair, and comb your hair. The little details can distract the eye from you.
Clothes that Scream
Nancy. Clothes don’t talk. What do you mean clothes scream? Yes, clothes such as heavy patterns, huge circles, weird shapes, and huge texts, logos or a life quote should be left at home as they take away from the real star of the picture. You! The example below is perfect. I love cats too, but her sweater takes attention off of the woman and her beautiful perm!
Don’t be a Christmas Tree
I’ll be honest, I am obsessed with accessories. I love bracelets, necklaces, headbands, rings, all of it. But when your planning on getting photos taken, less is more. Accessories can finish your outfit but too much of it can really make a good outfit look like a decorated Christmas tree! Try to stick with two pieces or less that have a lot of sentimental value to you. Save the decorating for the holidays!
Make sure you bring the right footwear for the location so you don’t end up ruining your favorite shoes. A good tip is bringing your shoes and wearing sneakers while you’re traveling to the location. Better to be comfortable when you are not on camera and then change when it’s time to shoot. It can happen that bare feet look better because of the location so make sure that you prepare yourself to be bare and that your feet may be exposed.
Wrinkled up
So, its shoot day and you prepared your outfits and everything is ready to go. You arrive at the location, ready to shoot, and then you notice, maybe I should’ve ironed my shirt or pants. Yes, maybe you should’ve! Not only is this a lot of extra work for the photographer to retouch, but it also looks extremely messy on the photos so make sure if you bring your shirt or pants they’re wrinkle-free so you can hang them nicely on a hanger for easy travel.
Make-up is a good thing to enhance your beauty but too much can easily take away from your beauty. Try to stay natural with simple mascara and concealer a good foundation that matches your skin color and a gloss for the lips. Never try anything new before the shoot like a tan (see below) or a facial treatment. Stay true to yourself and enhance your beauty. So avoid pink, blue or green eye shadow and stick to natural skin tones.
Let’s just keep this short but sweet. I know you want to look like the best version of yourself, which may involve tanning. But if you must, do it a week before. Tanning the night before leaves you no time for your skin to recover in case you burn. I’m sure no one wants to look like this on their session.
I really hope these simple tips can make your photoshoot go way easier with no more stressing about styling. Make it a fun day and enjoy the photo shoot!

-Nancy Deremer